Aurora Autoworks

Why Choose Us?

Aurora Auto Works specializes in the restoration of antique and classic cars. With a passion for automotive history and a commitment to excellence, our experienced team of craftsmen transforms vintage vehicles into works of art. Our Westland, Michigan facility is fully equipped to handle all aspects of antique car restoration, from bodywork and paint to mechanical and electrical repairs.

Our Services

Body and Paint Restoration

Our skilled technicians use traditional and modern techniques to restore antique car bodies to their former glory. We take great pride in our ability to perfectly match original colors and finishes, ensuring that your vehicle looks as good as it did when it first rolled off the assembly line.

Mechanical Restoration

Our team of experienced mechanics is adept at rebuilding and tuning vintage engines, transmissions, and suspension systems. We work with precision and care to ensure that your classic car drives as smoothly and reliably as possible.

Electrical and Interior Restoration

From rewiring electrical systems to reupholstering interiors, our team is dedicated to restoring every aspect of your antique car with the utmost attention to detail. We source high-quality materials and components to ensure that your vehicle's interior and electrical systems function flawlessly.